Can you bleach Hidden Crown hair extensions?

We advise against lightening Hidden Crown® Hair Extensions® in any way, because the extension has already been color processed. Just as bleaching agents may cause damage to your own natural hair, it can severely damage the extensions.

Can Hidden Crown extensions be dyed?

Can I color my Hidden Crown? Yes! You can color your extensions to get the perfect match . It is best to choose a color that is close and to go darker.

Can you bleach your hair with extensions in?

We highly recommend that you never, ever bleach or lighten your extensions as this will damage the hair. However, if you wish bleach the hair, you can do so.

How long do Hidden Crown hair extensions last?

The lifespan of Hidden Crown is anywhere from 3-4 months up to a year or more depending on how often they are worn and taken care of. For longest use, you will want to avoid excessive heat, excessive brushing or excessive washing. Do not use any heat protectant or styling products on the Hidden Crown Hair Extensions.

How do you dye halo hair extensions?

If you choose to dye your Halo Hair Extensions, as with your own hair it is best only to dye them a few shades darker. Completely saturate the hair extensions in the hair dye to ensure an even application and leave for the recommended time. – Best to do a sample strand test first to obtain a correct developing time.

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Are Halo extensions worth it?

The 8 reasons why you should invest in a Halo Hair Extension are: Won’t damage your hair; So you can have perfect hair now while your own hair grows. Quick and easy to use; you’ll have thick long hair in seconds – every day. Long lasting; they last between 2-4 times longer than ordinary hair extensions.