Does bleaching natural hair change the texture?

The chemicals in bleach can permanently alter the texture of your hair, especially if you bleach frequently. Most commonly, fine hair becomes thicker, rougher, and drier — but everyone’s bodies respond differently, so it’s also possible for your hair to become straight, curly, frizzy, or insanely brittle.

How do I get my hair texture back after bleaching?

Here are a few tips that hair experts use to restore damaged hair after bleach.

  1. Apply an Intensive Protein Treatment.
  2. Get Rid of the Damage.
  3. Make Hair Masks Your Best Friend.
  4. Try Olaplex.
  5. Wash Less Often.
  6. Avoid Heat and Color.
  7. Get Regular Trims.

Does bleach make your hair frizzy?

Bleach is a harsh invader that breaks apart your hair proteins to remove color. After the bleach washes out, your hair strands are left lighter — and significantly weaker . Breakage, frizz, and dryness are just some of the side effects that you may experience after bleaching your hair.

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Does bleaching damage natural hair?

Bleach is a very strong solution, and attempting to lighten your hair yourself can be very damaging. Plus, over-processing your hair with bleach can permanently alter your natural curl pattern. “It is always best to have your color done by a professional,” recommends Ashley.

Does bleaching hair make it softer?

Hair bleaching can make your hair feel like its texture is less soft, and this due to the fact that bleaching the hair changes the porosity and elasticity of the hair.

Will my natural curls come back after bleaching?

Long answer, yes, but it will take patience and time. Since bleaching is a permanent chemical process, it will take more than a quick fix to repair your hair and get it back to a healthy state. Damaged bleached hair can be brittle, dry, and fragile.

Why does my hair feel like straw after bleaching it?

A lack of moisture is what makes your hair that awful straw-like consistently or causes it to snap off when it gets to a certain length. However, you need protein for the moisture to latch on to, which is why it’s important to crack on with your high protein hair diet first.

Does bleaching hair make it look thicker?

Bleaching even has some advantages — the process plumps your individual hair shafts, often making your hair appear thicker and fuller. Furthermore, if you are light-skinned and have thinning hair, bleaching can disguise the contrast between your hair and bare patches of scalp.

Is it OK to braid bleached hair?

Ok, the most honest and literal answer to this question would be “YES, you CAN braid bleached hair” because technically you can. However, Braiding bleached hair can lead to catastrophic damage if you’re not cautious with it.

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Does bleaching hair thin it?

Bleaching itself will not directly cause hair loss but it makes hair loss much more likely to happen. Normal activities like brushing your hair or even sleeping will start to cause more breakage as your hair becomes more damaged. Bleaching and highlighting cause damaged hair, but they do not cause hair to fall out.

What to do after bleaching natural hair?

If you don’t feel like changing your entire wash day routine, try a protein treatment a week or two after bleaching. Protein treatments are like deep conditioners on steroids. They make your hair stronger and healthier by binding proteins on your hair cuticles.

What is the healthiest hair bleach?

Best Overall: Wella Professionals Blondor Multi-Blonde Lightening Powder

  • Lifts hair up to seven levels.
  • Contains anti-yellowing pigments.
  • Dust-free formula.

How can I bleach my black hair without damaging it?

Mix 1 part bleach powder and 2 parts developer/peroxide. Apply a dab of the bleach on your skin and coat a strand of your hair. Let the bleach sit for 30 minutes, then rinse it off and check your results. See if the shade of your strand is your desired shade.

How do you make bleached hair feel silky?

Keep reading for the 12 best ways on how to make bleached hair soft and silky.

  1. Use a deep conditioner once per week. …
  2. Use anti-frizz serum or cream before blow-drying. …
  3. Use the proper styling tools when drying and styling your hair. …
  4. Use a heat protectant every time you style your hair. …
  5. Keep bleached hair away from water.
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Why is bleached hair so soft?

When too much bleach has been used or used multiple times, hair may take on a spongy look and feel. Heat can often make bleached hair’s spongy feel even worse. Air dry whenever possible to avoid use of hot hair dryers.

What are the side effects of bleaching hair?

5 Side Effects of Bleaching Hair

  • Bleaching hurts the scalp. Sure, bleaching your hair takes no more than a couple of hours. …
  • Your hair will get really dry. …
  • You might get discolored hair. …
  • Your hair will be more prone to damage. …
  • Bleached hair is high maintenance.