Does taking alendronate cause hair loss?

Less common side effects of alendronate include: Hair loss.

Can taking Fosamax cause hair loss?

Dr. Roach: I found many case reports of hair loss after the use of alendronate (Fosamax) and similar drugs (a class called bisphosphonates).

Does hair grow back after stopping Fosamax?

Once people stop taking the medication, they may start to see hair growing back within 6 months. In most cases, hair will grow back by itself once a person stops taking the medication. People may be able to help hair growth with at-home treatments.

Is hair loss a symptom of osteoporosis?

Balding is another observable potential marker of those at risk of many hormone-mediated conditions including osteoporosis.

Does osteoporosis affect hair growth?

A drug used to treat osteoporosis might hold a key to restoring hair growth, researchers in the U.K. claim. A study conducted by the University of Manchester’s Center for Dermatology Research found a compound could halt the effects of a protein suppressing hair growth within follicles.

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What are the long term side effects of alendronate?

Serious side effects and their symptoms can include the following:

  • Ulcers or erosions of your esophagus. Symptoms can include: …
  • Bone death of your jaw. Symptoms can include: …
  • Unusual bone breaks in your hip and leg bones. …
  • Hypocalcemia (low calcium levels in your blood). …
  • Severe bone, joint, or muscle pain.

Can risedronate cause hair loss?

Alopecia is an adverse drug reaction which is labeled for all statins. Alopecia is disproportionally associated with alendronate and risedronate in both the Lareb database and in the database of the WHO. Lareb received 53 reports of alopecia associated with the treatment with bisphosphonates.

Is acyclovir making my hair fall out?

Previous studies have reported that hair loss is one of the uncommon side effects of oral acyclovir. However, no report has been issued on the effect of topical acyclovir on hair growth.

Which lack of vitamin causes hair fall?

Iron deficiency (ID) is the world’s most common nutritional deficiency and is a well-known cause of hair loss.

What treatment is there for hair loss?

Minoxidil (Rogaine).

To be most effective, apply the product to the scalp skin once daily for women and twice daily for men. Many people prefer the foam applied when the hair is wet. Products with minoxidil help many people regrow their hair or slow the rate of hair loss or both.

What not to eat if you have osteoporosis?

Foods to limit or avoid

  • High-salt foods.
  • Alcohol. While a moderate amount of alcohol is considered safe for those with osteoporosis, excess alcohol can lead to bone loss. …
  • Beans/legumes. While beans have some healthy attributes for women with osteoporosis, they’re also high in phytates. …
  • Wheat bran. …
  • Excess vitamin A. …
  • Caffeine.
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What is the life expectancy of a person with osteoporosis?

The average life expectancy of osteoporosis patients is in excess of 15 years in women younger than 75 years and in men younger than 60 years, highlighting the importance of developing tools for long-term management.

Does walking help osteoporosis?

You can prevent bone loss with regular exercise, such as walking. If you have osteoporosis or fragile bones, regular brisk walking can help to keep your bones strong and reduce the risk of a fracture in the future.

Does alendronate cause weight gain?

Weight gain isn’t a side effect that you should have while taking Fosamax. In clinical trials, weight gain didn’t occur in people taking Fosamax.

Why was Fosamax taken off the market?

Researchers say that the fractures occurred because alendronate stops the body from breaking down bone. This creates thick, but brittle bones. In October 2010, the FDA ordered Merck to change its drug label to reflect the bone-fracture connection. Fosamax use may also make fractures more difficult to heal.

What medications can cause hair growth?

Chapter 9: Drugs That Grow Hair

  • Propecia (Finasteride) The single most effective medication proven to treat genetic pattern hair loss is Propecia. …
  • Rogaine (Minoxidil) …
  • High Estrogen Oral Contraceptives. …
  • Aldactone (Spironolactone) …
  • Topical Treatments.