What happens if I don’t clean my eyelash extensions?

Not cleansing regularly or correctly also leads to potential infections, irritations, poor lash health/growth and lash mites (yes these are a real thing!). Dirty Lashes! Dead skin cells, dirt, makeup and oil will build up in your lash line very quickly!

What happens if I don’t wash my eyelash extensions?

Once applied, lash extensions perform that same task. Only here’s the difference, if you’re not washing your lash extensions what happens to the bacteria your eyes pick up every day? That’s right. Bacteria will start to build upon your extensions!

What happens to dirty eyelash extensions?

Failure to clean your lash extensions will cause itchiness and inflammation in the eyelids. You’re likely to rub on your lashes all day long to soothe the itchy feeling. In the end, the extensions might drop off, and your eyelids might become sore. Extremely dirty lash extensions cause blepharitis.

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Is it important to clean eyelash extensions?

#1: Keep Your Eyelashes Clean

When you clean your lashes regularly, you are helping to keep your natural oils at bay. Cleansing regularly also helps prevent premature lash shedding. Cleanse your lashes daily with a gentle, lash extension-friendly cleanser and make sure it’s oil- and alcohol-free!

How do you know if your eyelash extensions are dirty?

Signs your extensions are applied poorly or could be better!

  1. You are UNABLE to brush through your extensions. …
  2. The application BURNS your eyes, throughout and after the process. …
  3. Your eyelash extensions poke and irritate your eyes. …
  4. Your full set is completed within 1 hour.

How do you clean eyelash extensions without cleansing?

Use an oil-free makeup remover first

Gently sweep away debris, makeup residue, dirt, and oils. Most oils will weaken the eyelash extensions’ adhesive bond, and they will start to fall off. Avoid canola oil, mineral oil, vegetable oil, and coconut oil as they weaken the glue.

How often should you wash your lash extensions?

We recommend you clean your extensions at least 2 – 3 times a week. However, if you want to keep your lashes super fresh and fluffy you should clean them every day especially if you wear eye makeup or have oily skin.

Why are my eyelash extensions crusty?

Your lash artist will be checking for any signs of blepharitis, which can be comprised of bacteria, demodex or both. Here, the waxy, cylindrical appearance of the eyelid debris indicates a demodex mite infestation.

Why do I have crust on my eyelash extensions?

Common symptoms of Blepharitis include scratchy, crusting, irritated, red and dry eyes. Any irritation of the eye and eyelids, redness, crusting, a scratchy feeling, is cause for concern. Blepharitis is common among people who wear eyelash extensions, and do not cleanse the eyelid area thoroughly every day.

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Why do my eyelids itchy after lash extensions?

More commonly, people with eyelash extensions can encounter redness around the eye and itching sensations in the days and weeks after their application. This is often the result of improper aftercare, or bad habits like pulling at the lashes or rubbing the eyes.

Should I brush my lash extensions when wet?

Do not brush the eyelash extensions when they are wet. Water adds extra weight to hair, when brushing lashes wet you might accidentally pull them. Never attempt to remove eyelash extensions or add more hairs by yourself, you are likely to damage your natural lashes hairs or glue them together.

Why is aftercare important for lashes?

Good lash aftercare will also help prevent infections. Your natural lashes are there to prevent bacteria from getting into your eyes, and lash extensions do the same job. … So the importance of aftercare really is vital to keeping your lashes full and long-lasting, and without causing damage to your natural lash.

Can you brush eyelash extensions too much?

Don’t overdo it! Averaging this amount of time will ensure that you’re taking extra effort to carefully untangle any lashes. It’s also very important not to brush your extensions too close to the base of your lashes. … Pulling at them will cause the extension, and even your natural lash, to fall out.

Why do my eyelash extensions hurt after 2 weeks?

Glued to the skin instead of lashes: When eyelash extensions are glued to the skin, it creates something called a nailhead. This will eventually pull out natural lashes and hurt your eyes within days or weeks after the treatment.

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Is it normal for eyelash extensions to fall out after 2 days?


If the humidity is very high during your lash appointment, the adhesive may set too quickly. If the adhesive sets before the extension attaches to the natural lash then there will be poor adhesion and the lash will eventually just pop off after a day or two.