Why do my lash extensions clump?

Clumpy lashes can be caused by a faulty lash application, especially if the individual applying them didn’t take the time to thoroughly glue one extension to one natural lash. It’s not hard to see why DIY lash extensions can cause this issue.

How do you keep eyelash extensions from clumping?

Add a tiny dot of glue (the size of a toothpick head) Place extension on and keep separated from other lashes. Move to the other eye to allow the glue on the previous lash to fully dry to guarantee no lash clumping.

Why do my lashes clump together?

If a lot of product transfers on to the wand when you take it out, you’re bound to get clumpy lashes. Before you apply your mascara, gently wipe the wand over a tissue to remove excess product. If you do find yourself with clumpy lashes after applying mascara, don’t touch them.

Are eyelash extensions supposed to be clumpy?

Another key element to good extensions is that they are placed close to the base of the lash but not be touching the skin. There should be no clumps or balls of glue on the lashes, you should be able to brush through them easily from base to ends.

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