Can I use chemical exfoliant after laser hair removal?

As part of your laser hair removal aftercare, please avoid shaving, waxing or plucking hair, exfoliation, excessive sweating, swimming or saunas, very hot showers and tight restrictive clothing for 24 hours post treatment.

Can you exfoliate after laser hair removal?

If you are undergoing laser hair removal, we recommend you wait about a week to ten days after a treatment to begin exfoliating because that is the point where the hair starts falling out.

Can I use BHA after laser hair removal?

After Treatment

Avoid retinoids, AHA/BHA products, scrubs, facial waxing, and any other exfoliating products or procedures for 5-7 days.

How long do you have to wait to exfoliate after laser hair removal?

The best thing to do after laser hair removal is to exfoliate your skin regularly during the four weeks following your treatment but wait at least 24 hours before exfoliating. Use a washcloth and a mild soap or scrub wash and gently wipe over the treated area in circular motions.

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Can I use glycolic acid after laser hair removal?

Discontinue the use of exfoliators, scrubs, retinols, tretinoin products such as: Atralin, Differin, Epiduo, Renova, Retina A, Tazorac, Veltin, Ziana, acid-based products (alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acids, salicylic acids, and lactic acids) in treated areas 3 days prior to and 1 week after treatment.

What should I exfoliate with after laser hair removal?


Two to three days after your hair removal session, you need to begin gently exfoliating your skin. Use a soft wash cloth, a puffy shower sponge, a gentle loofah or an exfoliating body wash. Do not use harsh scrubs that can leave your skin feeling dry.

How do you exfoliate after laser?

Wait to exfoliate–Immediately after laser treatments, your skin may be sensitive and easily irritated. Avoid exfoliation until at least two weeks after your treatment. Then perform a gentle, manual skin exfoliation to help wipe away all the additional transitional skin cells and reveal smooth, non-flaky skin.

Can I use AHA and BHA after laser?

Avoid using any active products that contain AHA / BHA or retinol for 3-5 days. Hair removal only – Maintain a good skincare routine with an adequate daily moisturiser.

Can I use AHA BHA before laser hair removal?

Avoid all alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxyl products (AHA/BHA), hydroquinone, retinol/retinoid, Tazorac, and Differin for 7 days before treatment. Clients with any abnormal lesions, moles or spots on the area to be treated must be cleared by a medical practitioner prior to treatment.

Can you use AHA after laser?

QUESTION: At what point after my laser and/or peel procedure can I begin using my AHA exfoliant again? ANSWER: We suggest waiting until skin has returned to its normal texture and color. This may mean waiting a few days or, depending on the depth of the peel or laser procedure, it may mean waiting several weeks.

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What should you not do after laser?

Laser hair removal aftercare don’ts

  • Space recurring treatments no sooner than 4 to 6 weeks apart. …
  • Don’t tan. …
  • Don’t use tanning lotions. …
  • Don’t apply lotions with fragrances or perfumes to the treatment area. …
  • Don’t apply deodorant to the underarms if laser hair treatment was targeted in this area.

Can I use face scrub after laser hair removal?

You can exfoliate using a regular wash cloth, but don’t begin exfoliation until about a week after your treatment to avoid irritating the area.

How can I speed up the shedding after laser hair removal?

Exfoliating frequently (scrub or continued shaving) will help speed up the shedding process. Hair growth will be less after each treatment. Laser targets the pigment in the hair. The darker the hair the better the result.

Can I use salicylic acid after laser hair removal?

Refrain from using benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, vitamin C, and all products containing any alpha or beta hydroxy acids. DO NOT exercise, enter saunas, or take a hot shower immediately prior to or for 24 hours after your service, cool water only.

Can I use lactic acid after laser?

AFTER THE TREATMENT. During the healing process (5-7 days), AVOID ACTIVE PRODUCTS as they may cause irritation to the treated area. This includes all of the following: any form of retinol, hydroquinone, salicylic/glycolic/lactic acid, vitamin C, or Benzoyl Peroxide.

Can you use retinoid with laser hair removal?

If you are going to have an aesthetic laser treatment, many companies will require you to stop using retinol 1-2 weeks before. The other thing to look out for is to avoid using retinol during the day. There have been many studies that suggest a link between skin sensitivity and sun exposure.

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